Tile for Garages, Kennel Flooring & More

The fast-draining, open-grid surface of VersaCourt tile makes it an ideal choice for many applications that are not game or sports-related.  It provides a clean professional appearance, resists slips and requires minimal maintenance.  Plus, it is as easy to install as it is versatile. Tiles click together and can be cut to fit irregular shaped surfaces with a fine tooth saw blade.


Garage & Shop Flooring

With VersaCourt tile, oil, dirt and grime will easily wash away – making it easy to keep your garage cleaner than ever.  Soft yet tough, VersaCourt lets you turn your garage into a workshop or workout room, with the most comfortable, durable surface available.  Our full line of colors choices allow a drab concrete floor to be transformed into an impressive area of your home.


Kennel Flooring

VersaCourt tile is ideal for dog kennels because it allows air and moisture to move underneath the surface to keep your pets dryer and cooler especially when compared to concrete floors in hot summers.  Pet waste can be easily rinsed off the surface so pets stay clean and healthy.