Advantages Over Natural Grass Greens

  • Low Maintenance: Only 2 to 3 hours of maintenance a year
  • Durable: Manufactured and installed with weather-resistant materials and techniques
  • Long-Term Affordability: No water, chemicals or fertilizers needed
  • Customizable: Can be designed to your specific landscape

The Tour Greens Advantage

Built for Golfers

Designed with custom features just for the specific client, then carefully constructed to precise dimensions by Tour Greens certified installers. Grass & More Outdoor Services is the certified Tour Greens dealer and installer for the greater Chattanooga and Dalton metro areas. We have installed hundreds of Tour Greens putting greens, and can develop a customized putting green solution that meets all of your needs. 

Premium Fibers

Tour Greens turf options feature finer fibers and up to 36% more fibers per square inch than those in other artificial greens.

TruRoll Infill System



Made from a specially formulated blend of clean and uniform, round quartz sand designed to keep short game putting surfaces consistent and receptive for the life of the green. RQS is shipped from our facilities or from one of only two mines in the U.S. where it is naturally available.


Colored Top Dressing

Colored Top Dressing is a specially formulated blend of black and green acrylic-coated quartz sand. This layer gives the green a deep rich luster that makes it uniquely Tour Greens.

Duraflo® Backing

This exclusive and innovative backing system is 100% recyclable.



Our non-perforated Duraflo is up to 50% more permeable than typical urethane backed products and won’t clog like hole-punched systems.

Polyolefin Backing

Absorbs no moisture and thus minimizes expansion and contraction, resulting in less stress on seams.

Superior Base Systems

One of the key elements related to the performance and longevity of a backyard putting green is the quality of the base system. As a certified Tour Greens dealer, we take the time to construct bases properly using specific types of stone and proven compaction methods. We also offer our SureBase system for applications in colder weather climates or for applications requiring minimal excavation. Learn more.

Expert Design & Installation

While the quality of Tour Greens materials is second to none, it is the design and installation process that truly differentiates Tour Greens from other backyard putting green solutions. Learn more about our 4-Step Process.

Ongoing Service & Maintenance

One of the greatest benefits to owning a Tour Greens golf green is the minimal maintenance that they require. Of course, weather and other environmental factors can affect the performance of your green. As your local Tour Greens dealer, Grass & More Outdoor Services provides ongoing service and maintenance plans to keep your green performing optimally.