Game Court Tile Surfaces

As an authorized dealer and installer for VersaCourt Court Tile, Grass & More Outdoor Services provides custom-designed indoor and outdoor courts for a variety of sports and games. Our courts are designed using the most recent advancements in engineering technology to ensure a comfortable and safe playing surface. With a huge selection of standard courts and the ability to customize to your specific needs, Grass & More Outdoor Services offers you the best in backyard recreation!

VersaCourt Game Court Tile

The VersaCourt Court Tile Advantage

Not only are VersaCourt Game Courts more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable than asphalt or concrete surfaces, but they outperform them as well. The patented, six point locking system holds the tile flat for clean, consistent ball bounce and offers forgiving playability.

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Design & Installation

From basketball and shuffleboard to custom designed multi-sport game courts, Grass & More Outdoor Services can outfit your home with the best court for your needs.  Our design team can evaluate your space, draw up recommendations and provide turnkey installation including excavation, subsurface preparation, fencing, lighting and more.

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